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  Faction store and recalling by DrgnMastr on Sat Jan 31, 2009 8:08 pm (taken with permissions of the original author from the internal RedCell forum)

Most Factions offer a Faction Store for common storage. The store usually shows items that are available immediately, but it is often NOT the complete inventory of Faction equipment.

The purpose of this text is provide a short tutorial on how to maximize the use of the Faction Store and ALL the available faction inventory.

Nomenclature: Commands to be clicked will be placed in <...>. For example, <Faction> would imply to click on the word Faction.

1. Start by clicking on <Faction> to the left of your window. This will open the hierarchical faction menu.

2. Click on <Manage>. This opens the Faction Window, which has several parts. For the sake of this tutorial we will be focusing on the "Faction Store" at the bottom right of this pane.

The Faction Store has five basic click-able areas, each will be covered a bit later:

[Manage] = To store an item from your backpack in the common faction storage.
+ = LOCK or TAG an item in the Faction Store.
- = UNLOCK or UNTAG an item in the Faction Store.
! = REPORT on Faction Tagged inventory and RECALL an Item for personal use. (Most important, please see < ! > in the Commands Section, below.)
Item Boxes = Takes that item to your backpack
The Faction Store and the Inventory Listings are for the benefit of the whole faction. By using these tools effectively, one has access to equipment that one often cannot afford to create or purchase. Most of the Equipment have come from donations by faction members as they gather equipment of their own at higher levels. However, the faction tries to have some very good equipment available for all faction members.

In general, equipment is faction tagged (or locked). In other words, the equipment now belongs to the faction:
• can be used by members;
• can be recalled from other members as required; and,
• can't be sold by anybody before it is untagged.
That is, if you have a tagged item you can't sell it, nor can you give it away to a non-faction player...

The basic philosophy is:

Before your hunt, look at the equipment report and the faction store, and select the items best suited for your current level and class.

Recall only those that you will need for your hunt. You are looking for weapons that cause the maximum damage for your level, and the best armour that you can find. Don't hesitate to recall an item printed in grey (i.e., in a backpack) from a higher level player at any time. However, the ones in bold green are equipped, and should only be recalled if the player if off-line. (Most important, please see < ! > in the Commands Section, below.)

Before you have completely depleted your energy and sign-off, make sure that the items are all repaired to full level (100/100). Failure to repair Faction items is a breech of Faction rules, and is subject to reprimands.


Assuming you have the Faction Pane open (<Faction> + <Manage>) and are looking at the bottom left of the pane, that is the Faction Store. Each command will now be covered in detail.

PRIVILEGES (Faction Specific):

The following ranks are Red Cell Faction specific, and have increasing privileges:
On Probation
Agent in Command (AIC)
Faction Founder (FF)

In the list of commands, that follow, the minimum required privilege level will be noted by the command.

< [ Manage ] > -- Member+
The [Manage] function allows one to store one or more items from their backpack in the common faction store. One can only store as many items as there are free boxes in the store. By clicking on [Manage], another window opens up, with check boxes beside your backpack items. Click in a check box (or more), and then click on <Store Selected>. The checked items will be transferred to the faction store.

< + > -- Agent+
The "+" function allows an item in the Faction Store to be locked (or Faction Tagged). A tagged item now belongs to the Faction, and can be tracked as to who has it, and recalled for use by another person. There is a cost with tagging an item, but this comes from the faction bank. It is strongly suggested that any crafted, fluxed, or augmented item to be retained by the faction be immediately tagged after inserting it in the faction store. It is also suggested that one checks with the armorer (currently the AIC) to see if the item is desired by the faction.

< - > -- AIC and FF only
The "-" function allows an item in the Faction Store to be unlocked (or untagged). This frees up the item to be sold or have augmentations done to it. Normal members will NEVER use this function.

Item Boxes -- Initiates+
Clicking on any item in a boxes transfers it to your own backpack, so that you can use it or store it.

< ! > -- Member+
This is probably the most important section of the whole document. By clicking on "!", one is presented the equipment inventory owned by the faction, and who is either using it or storing it. The list is displayed alphabetically by group member, showing which items each group member has, and whether it is equipped or just stored.

Items in Bold green text indicate the item is currently equipped (or worn) by the player.
Items in gray text indicate the item is in the person's backpack.

If the item is GRAY, it can be recalled anytime.
If the item is GREEN and the user is OFFLINE, it can be recalled.
If the item is GREEN and the user is ONLINE, prior consent must be given before it can be recalled.

By clicking on any item, that item is immediately recalled to the Faction Store, assuming there is an empty box to receive it. If there is not an empty box, then nothing happens. Once the item has been recalled to the faction store, it is available for anyone to transfer it to them, by clicking on the item.

After your hunt, and before you have run out of energy or leave, please stop at a repair centre, and repair all faction items to full 100/100 capability. THIS IS REQUIRED so that the next person that needs the equipment doesn't have to repair it before using it. After all, the damage on the equipment happened on your hunt. If one is offline and the Faction Equipment is not at 100/100 durability, it is considered an infraction.

In summary, the Faction Store and Inventory are probably the greatest benefit to an individual player belonging to a faction. Used properly, it allows one the loan and use of some of the best equipment around, while hunting and levelling.


The Red Cell Faction, maintains a Faction Spreadsheet which contains three sheets, selectable at the bottom of the window:

Rank Permissions shows the privilege levels and tax rate for each of the ranks.

Faction Gear is a list of the Red Cell Equipment with specifics on level, bonuses, enhancements, and resistance.

Faction Item Misconduct is where all failures to repair Faction equipment are noted, with the assigned reprimands.


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