Red Cells Ranking System

Red Cells ranking system is divided into two main tiers: The Regular ranks and the Command ranks. Additionally there are the Initiates - players who just joined Red Cell. Further more we have some special ranks for vacations and such (see below).

Faction Founder

Obviously the faction founder with all associated rights. My word is the law.

Agent in Command (AiC)

The Agent in Command is the envoy of the Faction Founder. His word is as good as the word of the faction founder.

basically same as Faction Founder!

Being the second in line when it comes to decisions needing direct control of the Faction Founder in his absence. Representative of the faction and therefore exemplary behavior is mandatory. Same accounts for Red Cells forum: timely reading and commenting on important (and not so important) issues is expected.

Directly chosen by FF (Faction Founder), Introductory post in the forum of Red Cell.

Sentinel (Si) (Command Rank)

Sentinels are the heart and soul of Red Cell. Forged out of the best Red Cells Agents have to offer they are the basis of the Red Council.

- Like AiC, except: building, buy Upgrades, Un-Tag

Sentinels make up the council of Red Cell. All important decisions are made here, regarding the future of the faction.

- active, interested in faction affairs
- participation expected, above standard
- Introductory post in the forum of Red Cell.

Agent (Ag) (Command Rank)

Agents emerge from Red Cell members. They deserve the trust to see the Agents forum and all decisions taken there.

Recruit, Store, Take, MassMessage, Mercs, Tag, Recall

Agents are the first layer of decision makers. It is expected that they participate in discussions on faction affairs. The final decisions are made by the sentinels.

- active, preferably logging in daily (and burn energy)
- interested in faction affairs, participation in important topics

Regular ranks:

Members are the backbone of Red Cell. They emerge from the Initiates who have prooven to be worth of staying in Red Cell.

Store, Take, MassMessage, Recall

- active, logging in daily
- communicative, show activity in chat

Subranks (fXP):
A5 Class - 20.0M - 30.0M

Enigma Class -
10.0M - 20.0M
Section Leader Alpha Class - 5.0M - 10.0M
Section Leader Bravo Class - 2.0M - 5.0M
Certified Expert - 1.0M - 2.0M
Expert - 500k - 1.0M
Certified Specialist - 250k - 500k

Specialist - 100k - 250k

1st Class Cadet - 50k - 100k

2nd Class Cadet - 25k - 50k
Apprentice - <25k

Emerge from the initiates; you will be voted in or out.

Initiate (In)

Initiates are the very new players of Red Cell. Chosen and invited from the Red Cell Command ranks they have to proove themselves to be a worthy member of Red Cell. This does not only mean contribute fXP, but also being reliable and trustworthy. As an Initiate you should be aware that you are in 'On a test basis', which means you can be out as fast as you came in. Special rules apply for being an initiate, be it absence or handling of faction gear. Be aware of the rules. Also your tax rate is reduced compared to the other members.

Take, MassMessage, Recall

Being responsible and communicative definitely helps. Correct faction gear conduct and personal behaviour are most important. Inactivity will lead to a kick.


Covert Operations (CO)

Players who are on vacation and informed the command ranks. These players are expected to come back after the announced time of absent.

Like regular members

Coming back;)

Offline for a prolongued period of time.

On Probation (OP)

This rank is for members and agents who are close to getting kicked. Also for members not showing the needed respect for faction gear. Also for members and agents with longer absence without announcement. If you are here because of absent without notification you can be kicked without further notice.

Basically NONE!

Come back, clarify your standpoint. You have probably been contacted by the AiC or FF before landing at this rank. Make your points before getting kicked. For players ending here because of faction gear misconduct: you will be reverted back to your old rank after you have served your sentence.

- Faction gear misconduct
- Absence without announcement
- Rule breaks

The basic hierarchy of Red Cell with rough descriptions:

1) FF - see above

2) Red Council (Sentinels):
Consists of: Not more than 3 Sentinels (1 vote), AiC (2 votes)
- All decisions regarding the faction
- Choosing the members promoted to Agent

3) Agents:
Consists of: Agents
- giving input to all faction affairs
- Choosing the initiates promoted to members
- Choosing the initiates getting kicked