Red Cells Medal Guide

Below here you can find all our internal Medals and Awards, what they are about, what you need to get them and who has what medal allready :)

Medals - Description

Medal of Excellence: This is based on the amount of Faction Experience you have contributed in all the time you have been active in Red Cell. You are awarded in-game with a rank as you contribute experience to Red Cell, and in the same way, you gain awards here, forever imprinting your memory in Red Cell's Archives.

Medal of Victory: Based on your Pvp rating at the end of each week. As Naomi stated: You only need to have achieved the desired rating ONCE to have the Award unlocked FOREVER. If you have achieved the rank during the week, but it is lower at the end of the week, make sure you have a screenshot.

Medal of Contribution: This is based on the number of Credits you have donated to Red Cell. The donation AS WELL AS the Faction Tax is counted, and the amount as stated in the Faction Advisor Section is used.

Medal of Sponsoring: Simply put, the amount of Flux Crystals you have donated to Red Cell, as stated in the Faction Advisor.

Medal of Skillcaster: This is the amount of buffs you have cast on your fellow members, as stated in the Faction Advisor.

Medal of Teamplayer: The amount of Squads you have actively joined, the value of which is stated in the Faction Advisor.

Medal of Dominance: With the recent introduction of Artifacts in the world of Sigma, we deem it neccessary to commemorate those brave enough to capture and holds these magificent structures.

Medals - Criteras

Medal Name              Bronze       Silver          Gold               Platinum        RCM (Red Cell Medal)
Medal of Excellence 50,000 fXP 250,000 fXP 1,000,000 fXP 2,500,000 fXP 5,000,000 fXP
Medal of Victory
Pvp Rating of            1,050            1,150        1,300                 1,500               2,000
Medal of Contribution

Credits donated        50,000        150,000     750,000            1,500,000        5,000,000
Medal of Sponsoring
FCs donated                 10                50           100                     300                  500
Medal of Skillcaster
Buffs casted                
50               150          300                     750                 1,500
Medal of Teamplayer
Squads joined             
30                 75          150                     300                   500

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Awards - Description and Criteria

Awards are those commendations given out to Members who have achieved something outstanding, and need to be commended for their efforts.

The Trophy of Evolution is given to whomsoever has managed the biggest gain in levels over the course of the diference in time between Ceremonies.

The Trophy of Victory is awarded to the person who has had the biggest overall rise in PvP value.

The Trophy of Consolation is awarded to the person who has suffered the most defeats overall.

The Tin Cup of Collected Coins belongs to the Member who has dug deep into their pockets, and donated the most Credits to the Faction Bank.

The Purple Dragon Bauble belongs to whomever has donated the most of that rare commodity, Flux Crystals, to the cause of the Faction.