Red Cells 'Hall of Fame'

You may wonder what the RC Hall of fame' is all about. Well, it's about players who were members of Red Cell and became inactive for one or another reason. All those characters mentioned here were respected members of Red Cell. We committed to having no deadwood, and we still do.
Since we cant have all our previous members listed here we will just mention the most influential and contributing members. If you think we missed one ex member drop me a note and i will consider him or her.

Hall of Fame

GTE - Well, what can i say? He was one of the VERY first players in Red Cell, back in November 2008. He told me numerous things about Sigma Storm, since i was new and had no experience with HCS games, and he was a senior player from that other game.

- MrDorian was the first Agent in Command of Red Cell. It was him together with me, Nestor, who worked out the basic outline of Red Cell.
joined December 2008
12:40 05/Sep/2009 'MrDorian' has been kicked from the faction by 'Nestor'.

NaomiAzzett - She was the first person who took care for our internal medals. I can say that most of the current system is based on her ideas. Thanks for that!

Kellyn - One of our earlies member, who decided to quit playing for RL reasons. Kellyn was always a quiet person in the faction, but could be counted on when it was really necessary.
08:19 06/Mar/2009 'Kellyn' has officially joined the faction. Invitation from 'Nestor' was accepted
19:49 22/Sep/2009 'Kellyn' has been kicked from the faction by 'Nestor'. sigh
5,369,288 fXP

Talion - Talion was a very active and generous player to Red Cell. I think nobody was faster with gaining levels or getting the internal Red Cell medals. As was stated numerous times - RL comes first.
20:46 20/Jul/2009 'Talion' has officially joined the faction. Join request accepted by 'Annika'.
19:51 14/Nov/2009 'Talion' has been kicked from the faction by 'Nestor'. sigh
5,852,617 fXP

Allrogh - Allrogh was a player who really understood gear. He usually was at EOC before anybody else from RC, and he always knew what was needed or not. It was always possible to ask him for advice and what not. He abandoned the game due to disappointment with the game/HCS. We will really miss him at Red Cell ;(
20:33 27/May/2009 'Allrogh' has been assigned the rank 'Initiate' by 'DrgnMastr'.
10:59 07/Feb/2010 'Allrogh' has been kicked from the faction by 'Nestor'
. sigh