1) Personal behaviour - act adult!

Each member should respect each other. This is not limited to our forum or faction log, but also for the sigmastorm forums. This includes, but is not limited to:

* Avoid 'leet speak (the usual LOL, AFAIK or IMHOs are, IMO, ok)

* No slandering

* No public accusation of players

* If you log in try to put a line in chat saying you are there

* Use 'please' and 'thanks' on a regular basis, especially if you ask for a buff or equipment

These rules are not here to limit you, but to help the whole faction to be what we want to be: A mature, friendly faction.

If you have issues with other players/groups, try to resolve this pollitely and in a as small circle as possible

2) Game behaviour - show activity!

Nothing is more annoying than  having inactive players. While Red Cell is not a powerlevel faction, we still want to rise. This means it is highly encouraged to burn all your energy every day.
We now have a rank for members who should show some more activity, its called "MSA" - Missing Some Action.

Leveling/Activity: Daily leveling is encouraged (at least in the lower levels), but not mandatory. The main thing you should do is having fun. But, as stated above, we don't want to end in the sewer! Burn your energy, contribute faction-XP (fXP) and your knowledge and still have fun.
Note that logging in only to reset the online timer only to pretend to be active without burning energy or participating in chat is considered a fraud. This kind of behaviour will be punished with instant kick from the faction.

Absence: If you can't log in for more than three (3) days let the Agents know and make a post in the forums.
This is especially true for Initiates: Initiates not logging in for two (2!) days can and will be kicked without election procedure.

Contributions to the faction, while not mandatory, are highly welcome (you know, these structures have to be upkept) be it credits or Flux Crystals.

Squads: Squads are there for a cause. Use them wisely since it takes not only your energy, but also the energy of your mates to join. Use it for elites only. Make sure one faction store slot is free.

3) Faction store and faction equipment

The faction store should contain the items available for all players, preferably forged ones. At least two slots should be free at any time for squad loot and/or other purposes. For all of the following items appearing under 3) the armorer is responsible. The following rules apply as of now:

Tagging items: Tagging is only possible for the Command Ranks. If you want to donate some gear let us know and we will act accordingly :)

Untagging items: Only the faction leader is allowed to untag items.

Storing tagged items: All tagged items should be stored by the players (be it in the backpack or equipped), no need to return them to the factions store. They should (read - must) be repaired to 100% before logging off. If you lack the energy to go to a repair facility, you did something wrong: plan ahead and, if necessary, play the last 50 energy of yours without the fluxxed items. See also fines.

Recalling items: Items can be recalled from offline members and from the BP of members without announcement. You are responsible to maintain a secondary set of items to outfit you in case faction gear is not available. Concurring requests should be solved between the partys. If problems occur notify the faction leader or Agents in Command.

Faction Equipment - Infractions and Violations
A Faction is comprised of several players, each having access to Faction Equipment, as required. Faction Equipment may be recalled for use by another member requiring the equipment, under most conditions. Please see the tutorial in the blog on how to use the Faction Store, reports, and recalling equipment.

Consensus between the Agents, the Red Council, the Agent in Command and the Faction Founder have resulted in the following penalties that may be incurred, in using and/or recalling Faction Equipment.

Basically, Repair your gear and everything is fine.

However, should equipment be left unrepaired and one is offline, OR one recalls equipment, without prior consent, from someone who is online the following consequences will be enforced.

INFRACTION -- Unrepaired Faction Equipment

It is an offence, against the Faction, to leave Faction Equipment unrepaired while the user is offline. Fines and other administrative actions will be taken against offenders.

• Equipment durability less than 100/100 or 115/115; AND;
• Player's Last Activity greater than or equal to five (5) hours.

Once you have been caught wearing unrepaired equipment according to the above stated definition, points will be issued:
Every infraction will raise the count by one. If you reach a count of three (3) points your gear will be recalled and you will be put in the rank of "On Probation" (no use of faction gear) for 1-2 days. Your points will be reset to 1 (note, NOT 0!).
This means on your 3rd infraction you will loose the faction gear, then on your 2nd infraction (since you start with a count of 1) and so on. The leadership reserves the right to take measurements if you seem not to be able to follow the rules...

VIOLATION -- Recalling Equipment from an ONLINE Faction Member

There is nothing worse than having one's equipment recalled, without prior warning and consent, while one is online and playing the game. Therefore, the fine for recalling equipment from an online Faction Member is severe. As stated in the tutorial for the faction store, prior consent must be given to recall an equipped item from its user, if the user is ONLINE. Failure to obtain such consent, will be considered a violation against the Faction, and will result in a fine of:250 * <Player Level> plus All equipment recalled, and Demotion to "On Probation" for 5 days.The "Fine" must be paid to the Faction Bank, within five (5) days of it being levied. Please announce, via Faction Chat, that you have paid the fine.

4) Ranks and Promotions/Demotions

Red Cell has a ranking system, which is not limited to fXP or levelling. Instead we have a ranking system which allows most types of playing this game. The regular ranks for the social/gaming aspect of Sigmastorm2, and the Command ranks for those who wish to actively participate in faction affairs. The Regular ranks (former Members) are based solely on fXP, while entering the Command ranks is only possible by invitation/application. All promotions are based on trust and the energy you put into the faction. Promotions from Initiates to members (ie. entering the Regular ranks) is done by the leadership by the below mentioned method.

Initiate --> Regular Ranks (Promotion Days):
Promotions from Initiate to Regular Member as well as demotions will be done on saturdays or sundays. The requirement for a promotion to the regular ranks is at least 5 days membership in Red Cell. The Agents will vote on your acceptance, and once the decisions are made will be aired through the InGame Message system by a Mass Message.

The options for a PD are either
1) accept -- You are promoted to the Regular Ranks
2) postpone -- You will stay an Initiate until the next weekend. Then a final decision will be made
3) kick -- You have to choose a different faction

Voting will be done by the Leadership (Agents and above)

Demotions should be the exception. Decisions will be made by the FF and AiC, in conjunction with the agents at promotion days.

Simple as it is, you rise through the ranks one rank by one. This means, you cant go from initiate to Agent in one step as you have to proove yourself.

Regular Ranks:
Since the subranks here are solely based on fXP, the promotions will be automatically done once you hit the limit necessary for the next rank.

Regular Ranks --> Command Ranks:
Entering the Command Ranks is only possible by unambiguous decision from the FF and AiC.

Rules Versions:
1.501 [added the Missing Some Action rank to section 3] (13/Feb/2010)1.500 [rewriting of the infraction rules according to the new system (points). Renaming of 3)] (Nov. 22 2009)
1.400 [reimplementation of Promotion Days in 4)] (Jul. 26 2009)
1.300 [implementation of the new rankings] (Mar. 22 2009)
1.202 [included clarification of activity in 2) (logging in to reset timer without burning energy)] (Mar. 18 2009)
1.201 [minor wording change in 2) fXP = faction XP, clarification and 4)] (Mar. 10 2009)
1.200 [3) total rework of the fines system (thanks to DrgnMastr for working this out)] (Feb. 15 2009)
1.103 [3) storing items: explicitly allowed to "store" items equipped.]
1.102 [updating 3) recalling; addition of free recalling from BP]
1.101 [updating of 3), Fines // introduction of Armorer in 3)]
1.100a [advertisement of ranking change]
1.100 [start of numbering, introduction of tagging rules]