Here you can find the contracts with our allies

Disciples of Tron [DoT]

Recital clause
This will describe the terms for the alliance between the factions Disciples of Tron (DoT) and Red Cell (RC). These terms are binding for both sides, and re-negotiable if dissents appear.

Resources should be shared between the parties. Three kind of drops can be distinguished:
1) Regular: Giving away free between members of both factions
2) Champions: Giving away free between members of both factions
3) Elites: These drops, as they are very valuable, should stay in the respective faction. In the case of sales, the allied faction should receive the right of first refusal.

Buffing each others faction members should be done at reduced prices, ideally free. Usual limitations apply, such as:
Receiver should have enough energy: Bufflevel * 20, where Bufflevel is the playerlevel the buff is obtained (DP would be 25 eg.). One should ALWAYS first look in their own faction for available buffs.
Buffer should have enough energy to cast the skill: Bufflevel * 30.
If the energy levels are not sufficient, buffing is NOT free of charge. Buffs may be sold for half the price

All PvP is allowed. Given the current situation, it is hard to have a look at the alliance first before killing a player. Although it should be noted that killing allied mates should be avoided if possible. If an alliance member has been killed, the victim may reclaim the credits gained by the attacker. It is up to the victim to claim these credits, if no claim occurs (during 24h) the right is lost.

1) Game playing: Information on missions, enemies and gear should be shared. Information should be given out free.
2) Player info: Information on beggars and thieves; One should have a look on the others members screen to scan through the new members. If a member seems to be suspicious, talks should be started ASAP.

1) Stims: Currently the various stims are not available in all shops. Therefore members of this alliance who are on/near a shop with these supplies should notify the other faction.
2) Gear: From time to time it may occur that one needs gear from a few levels back. In this case alliance members close to that level should buy the item and forward to the buyer.
Dealing with Stims or gear (unfluxed) Alliance internally (inter-faction) should be free of charge. That means the stim price should be forwarded with no addition.