This is Red Cell

RedCell Agents were forged out of the fires of war and the darkness
of betrayal. Their loyalty is unquestionable, their pride unextinguishable,
and their courage undauntable. Survivors who have shown their mettle and
proven their loyalty during their Initiation emerge as the universe's
most honorable fighters. Initiates form a new breed of members furthering
the goals of Red Cell in spite of any obstacles. Initiates develop
into determined Agents, standing tall and proud, shoulder-to-shoulder,
with the veteran Guardians and Sentinels of Red Cell.

Red Cell is a faction from the MMORPG Sigma Storm 2. On this website you can find some infos on our faction, its ranks, its rules and how to apply. On top you can find some other links to our current Members with some info, our Rules and our Ranking System (also covered a bit in rules).

If you are interested in joining apply at our forums.

- Nestor -