13/Feb/2010 -- Some info, finally ;)

I havent posted much news in the mean time, sorry for that. But i see this site as a source for the static informations on Red Cell, like rules and so on. The more "dynamic" topics are discussed in our forums. Thats also true for the RC gear lottery (meanwhile #5 is finished :). Im not sure if i can find the time to maintain both news sections up to date (here and in our forums). The focus is clearly on the forums for these type of information.

I also just recently realized that our link section was pretty outdated - i have just now cleared this up, so all listed links are useful now ;). What more? We were in faction lock because we had some kicks (Allrogh :(), but in only 4 days we managed to get out of it (WOHOOO, GO Red Cell!!).

What more? Oh yeah, we had a merger with the Archadian Empire which worked out well in the end, although their former leader AlexMonk has chosen to go back, leaving Red Cell. Good luck. To all former Empire members - glad to have you on board :)

17/Jan/2010 -- RC gear lottery #1:

Thanks for participating, we have a winner: MrHappy69 won a fully fluxed Harberg leg armor, congratulations and have fun with it :)

And since its a good time: We put up another lottery, namely RCGL #2 here. Come in and find out!

12/Jan/2010 -- Red Cells gear lottery

Yep, we started a gear lottery. After over a year of existance we find more and more gear that isnt used by members because of the sheer amount we have. And improvements for the elite sets ;). And since even fully fluxed gear doesnt sell well on the Trade Hub we have decided to make a small gear lottery:

Once in a while we announce a "gear lottery" in the game of Sigma Storm. One item, fully fluxed, is put up as a guess for the level. You have to reply to the relevant forums thread (possible for non-members too, of course) to get your chance to win!!

The full rules can be found here: The lottery forum

02/Jan/2010 -- Promotion of MrTinc to Agent

Its the first Promotion Day in the new year and i want to congratulate


for being promoted to full Agent status. He is taking care of our recreational activities like lotteries and competitions. Thanks for that and keep on the good work!

23/Nov/2009 -- Breaking the fXP lock

Thank you members of Red Cell, we broke the fXP lock! Ready to rock again and in on the race for the 6th rank - more to come :).

19/Nov/2009 -- Kicking inactives - loosing ranks

We finally decided to kick all inactives of Red Cell, going back to the core part of our rules - no deadwood. That really hurt a bit, since we not only lost some old members (like Conqueror7 or Nyneve) but also a good bunch of fXP, about 18,000,000 to be more precise. Since our locke fXP is still higher we didnt loose too many places, dropping from 5th to 7th. The good thing is that we are now back on track and ready to strike back :) We will still have to gain about 8M fXP to see any increase (due to lock, once more), but it is worth the effort.

RC is a truly 100% active faction!

14/Nov/2009 -- Better late than never - new Agents

So. Now. Ok, it took us some time but finally we have some new agents. With DrgnMastr stepping down from Agent in Command (RL issues) it was time to do a slight rehaul of the structures of Red Cell. Annika became the new Agent in Command, and she is doing fine :). At that time all Agents were reranked into the regular ranks to give them (and us) some time to decide on how to proceed with Agents job.
We still have the Agents, so what is the difference now? Well, before the change all Agents pretty much had the same jobdescription (more or less), and to some it was unclear what to do. That lead to the situation that nobody was sure on what to tackle or not, and finally most things stalled. We now have clear description and set goals for the agents, so they know when they will be ... reminded of their duties.

These jobs will be put up here at a later point.


Further more we now have the "Hall of Fame" on our website. What is it? It is the place for the players who left RC with honours and who deserve to be remembered on our website for the future too.

17/Oct/2009 -- Competition ended

The first ever Gravedigger Challenge is over, with the following outcome:

1st: Riftblade, holder of the Gravedigger Challenge Cup
2nd: Allrogh
3rd: Paranoia

Congratulations, your prizes are on their way :)

10/Oct/2009 -- Competition started

Our first "real" challenge started today, capture the most artifacts in the next seven days. As rewards you will get L150 stims and for the first place our new Gravedigger Challenge Cup. :)

Start: 10/Oct/2009
End: 17/Oct/2009
Target: Capture the most artifacts
1st: 2 L150 stims, Gravedigger Challenging Cup
2nd: 1 L150 stim
3rd: 2 FC


Introduction of the News! section, wohooo!