After a longer time another blog entry here. The implementation of the new ranking system worked like a charm, and everybody likes it (as far as i know ;). We also upgraded our structures, first the energy silos which give all our members a +50 energy storage and today the target analyser (according to the vote on the forum). Great!

Red Cell is slowly developing as a truly mature and stable faction, gaining more and more mature and senior members. I hope we are recognized as one of the most interesting top (currently 28th) factions on sigmastorm2.

Speaking about members: Im really proud of all of our members, from the Agents to the Apprentices. We got (and still get) a good bunch of players and mates together, taking the game to a new dimension. A new dimension? Yes, i think for most of us here in RC the faction is more than a simple warehouse for all the fluxxed gear we are offering. Instead we all appreciate the friendship and relaxed, while still ambitious atmosphere.

Sure we too got these odd new initiates who didnt make it into our ranks, but thats exactly what the initiation is for: finding out if a player matches the rest of us. In the end we want to stay together as a community of good friends and players.

While talking about new players, it seems another faction is heavily on the way to the top. Recruiting only the top players from all other factions. I think i dont like that attitude, only focussing on getting on top without thinking about the community. It seems to be a random aquisition of players, unified by the simple goal of just being elite. And all that through poaching. Yes, now im sure i dont like it, and as far as im concerned i will not buy buffs from them, nor buff members or sell drops to them...

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