Promotionday, once more. After the last weekend where we had all kinds of promotions and demotions this week is more quiet. At least considering the promotions. No new agents, 2 new members and a few kicks together with a new one on probation, unfortunately:

New Agents: -none-
New Members: Biotom, draggo
New Initiates: deepthyman, madusa98, Mantodea, ryanrsunga, th3crims
On Probation: Crast
Leaves: XxSmileyxX, NonnoNaz, mxok

Congratulations for all promoted/new to Red Cell, and good luck to all who left. Furthermore the Sentinels will hopefully be installed this weekend/during the week; all preparations have been made and votes are ongoing. With the implementation of the Red Council Red Cell has established the final hierarchy for the faction!


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