Promotion day January 17th, 2009 - RED CELL - a faction of Sigma Storm 2

I know, not an original title but it matches; once more a promotion day with all the action: promotions to agent, promotions to member, demotions and kicks. And im glad that draggo came back, hes reinstalled as an initiate. So here is what goes on:

New Agents: DrgnMastr, Nitron, poisongirl
New Members: crast, hypergrave, XxSmileyxX, thezed
On Probation: NonnoNaz, Natemck
Leaves: snyly

Congratulation to all promoted members, and good luck for the ones leaving Red Cell. And since we have new places for Initiates, recruiting is once more open.
Besides the Promotions we installed a new ranking system, visible at the respective page. A new rank - Sentinel - has been introduced and will become fully functional in the next week or so. This should enable Red Cell to stay up with future development regarding their "fanbase" ;). As always - leave comments here, i would higly appreciate them!

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