More upgrades, and updates, and again recruiting - RED CELL - a faction of Sigma Storm 2

Yep, we did it again: more investments in the form of new members slots. We offer currently a home for 25 members, of which at the time of this posting 21 are occupied. Great times, and i think with 25 permanent members we will have reached the final members count. Not trying to get the biggest faction, but the best. Yes, the best. Maybe not in terms of XP or what, but in terms of overall game experience. We will stay the tight group of players we are now, focussing not only on the sheer numbers of the game, but on the fun aspects. For some its leveling, for some its communication. For all its Red Cell!
And we have started another recruiting drive for players without faction at the moment. We don't do poaching. Having reached 21/25 players we will now calm down on recruiting and see what the new initiates are about, who will stay and who has to go.
Furthermore, with the enabling of tagging we will most probably change our ranking system. Basically it will stay the same with Initiates-Members-Agents but tweaked a little bit behind the curtains.

12/25/2008 06:45:01 am

yeah i agree poaching is just low to think that a faction feels the need to steal members is just sad but it shows us who is loyal and who is, so on the whole i totally agree with what your saying


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