Some rant on ... - RED CELL - a faction of Sigma Storm 2

On a personal note - new levels came out, great! [rant]
What i observed: Many players who want an easier game. Many players buying elite locations. Many players complaining. Hey, do you get the real intention of this game? Of all games?? Having fun. Is it fun buying elite locations, en masse? Where is the honor of killing one and completing that damn hard quest NOT on your own? I for myself would also prefer not having elites as final quest mobs, but it is as it is. Deal with it.

And all the PvP whiners(sorry, don't know a better word). Its not THAT hard to avoid being killed in a arena: move fast, move diagonal, avoid obvious ambush spots. If you have to repair, use hotkeys (eg. a-r-a) to move on, repair, move off. And after all, you dont loose that much in PvP, right? That few credits dont make a difference, and you're not interested in the PvP  ladder anyways, right? Oh, energy you mean? Use it in your favour - have to go to the pyramid? Just wait until somebody kills you and (sometimes) you have crossed half of the map for just 0 energy. [/rant]

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