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It took quite some time to introduce the Sentinel ranks, but finally we are there! The seats have been taken by Annika and fred123qwe, a good day for Red Cell. For anybody not knowing what Sentinels are, they own basically the same rights as the FF and AiC, and are members of the Red Council. The Red Council is the top most decision making instance.

have been introduced by HCS these days, and i must say they are a bit of fun. With Conquerer7 we have a pretty professional hunter and we are currently harvesting AR pretty good. Right now you can use these points for buying Artifact Hemispheres, which are used for building the INT150, KR150 and Deflect 150 stims. Right now its nearly impossible to defend an artifact, so most factions go for one, get the 1st hour protected point and head over to the next one. Pretty lame. I hope def will get more important and actually defending a artifact gets possible.

Yeah, what more? Red Cell is doing pretty well, we rise throught the rankings :). I have listed some rankings below, faction related and also members of RC on different lists. Maybe i should do this more often :)

Top Factions: #11 with only 222k missing to the top 10!
Artifact Req.: #4
Top Players:
#    4 Drgnmastr
#  39 Allrogh
#  44 Nestor
#109 fred123qwe
#234 Conqueror7
Rising Stars:
#    7 Talion
#  48 fred123qwe
#  67 KevyLamar
#125 Hypergrave
#128 pedigoje
#156 Dreksore
#179 JacobJ
#189 Udhariol
#208 Maverick34
8/16/2009 08:05:17 am

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