Its basically a process of harvesting new souls. Clicking on random player names from an online list, and inviting them to your faction. Instinctively you seek for lower level players that are above minimal required level to join your faction. So you start to click at names of players that are lvl 10 til 19, guessing that its far more likely to find a lower level player without a faction, than a higher level player. But your math is wrong. Why?
Because almost 75 % of level 5 - 15 players have allready started and founded their own faction (Im boring even myself, but - ).

Why is this so?
I assume because 75 % of these players are under 18 years in age, not realizing that founding a faction is only the first step. And HCS made faction founding so damn easy. But thats the only thing that is easy and cheap. Starting a faction will cost you nothing, and prequesites in doing so is just that you need to be level 5.
But once you started a faction, you have to invest a lot of real money (per example you need 75 FC just to unlock an extra building slot for your faction), real time, and a lot of mind (intellectual work) in developing that faction in to a living organisation.

So its quite fair to conclude that those factions are doomed to stagnate at their very creation. But hey, i dont mind or have anything against kids. Its not their fault, its HCS's fault.

By making faction founding so easy, they enabled an accumulation process of worthlesssmall, futureless and hopeless factions. Sigma storm 2, has maybe 190 000 registered players, and God knows how much factions.

A bundle of useless and futureless factions does not help anyone.
1) HCS won't get money donation from faction founder kids, cause they'll never upgrade an extra structure and/or extra 1 % tax rate etc.
2) Other factions are losing recruting material and a lot of low level players ( kids ) who are foolishly trying to found perspective and bright new factions.
3) The low level (underaged) players themselves are beeing led trought the path of false hope that they will be able to manage and save their factions from certain fall. Allthough they could be a valuable and respectable members of "real" factions.

How is this a problem for recruiting ?

Because is anti-evolutional. We have to admit that sigma storm is somewhat evolved game with top players from lvl 50 to 55. Those players when they were lvl 5 - 20 founded or joined their factions.
Game evolved, new players came. And lvl 5 - 20 became a players who should join, not start factions.
To prevent beeing misunderstood, i have to state that i have nothing against new factions.
But i do when it become a trend. A childhis trend of starting/founding factions with no future. By endulging such a trend, lot of potential recruits, are lost due to their starting of their own factions.
Am i right ? Or do i really have a lot of extra time, and need to find myself a second girlfriend ?

Mr Dorian

1/25/2009 04:21:37 am

Yes, I do think that HCS should do something about this, maybe by saying that making a faction should cost 10FC's or something, that would prevent a lot of factions being made and going nowhere. But then, the bigger factions would have WAY more people to choose from, and I think that maybe the top few factions would just get further and further away from everyone else. A prime example is FS - The Top guild is 100 lvls + more than the 2nd, and the gap between 1st and 50th is about 500 levels. So I don't really know what I'd do if I were HCS...

1/25/2009 05:26:16 am

Maybe, but then the player limit for factions here is 50. So at least currently the biggest guilds cant grow unstoppable.


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