After a longer period of time one more comment on the promotions and demotions. Lets first have a look at the new rankings:

New Agent: -none-
New Members: 2o3y, BlazeStorm
New Initiates: Annika, darthp, Gypsygirl6, JoeCaveman, Kellyn, Riftblade, zombie42
On Leave: MrDorian, NaomiAzzett
On Probation: tzabra
Leaves: megaeerie, Ariapro, viper4683, Natemck.

As you can see we have once more a good pool of new initiates, and im sure some of them will have a very brigth future with RC. Another thing is that we introduced a new rank, On Leave. This was done to split the players who are in 'detention' and the ones who are not showing not online for a longer period of time (unannounced or admitted quitting).

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