Yesterday was the day for the promotions and demotions. Ill make it short again:
New Sentinel: NaomiAzzet
New Agents: hypergrave
New Members: deepthyman, Ariapro, Mantodea
New Initiates: glame3000
On Probation: Caseygun
Leaves: Crast, draggo

Hope i got you all ;).

If you have read carefully the last few promtion texts you will have noticed that we have now a new rank - Sentinel. This was planned for the last few weeks now. On the ranks page it is allready implemented, but now with the first ones chosen the work can start for the Red Council. More on the leadership structure can be found there under the ranks section.

While the daily business seems to go on like always in SS2 (subleveling and waiting for content...) we have some projects going on in our forums, mainly dealing with introductions to some facettes of the game. The first one is written by fred123qwe (basic introduction with tips for the newcomer) and a more specialized text from DrgnMastr (covering the handling of the faction store and recalling). I hope we can publish some of these texts here in the blogs...

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