Hi once more from me. There has been the first official promotion day in the year 2009, and once more a few changes happened. As before some Initiates didnt make it to the ranks, some because of their own decision, some were put down for some reason. Sadly it was also the first promotion day that a member got kicked, but obviously he went inactive. So lets see what happened:

New Agents: Kearon
New Members: Draggo, Piurivar
On Probation:
Leaves: Culak, Didize, henkalex, skibade

So once more some seats are available in Red Cell (currently four).

What else?
We are in the process of installing some special jobs on the Agents rank, the first of it is the 'Awards Management' Chair held by NaomiAzzet. One more secondary rank is the Armorers job, who MrDorian thankfully took over. Special thanks to you, since this takes a lot of work off of my shoulders. And since my holidays are nearing its end i won't have the time on my hand as i have now.

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