Monthly update :) - RED CELL - a faction of Sigma Storm 2
Hi there,
once more a small entry in our blog. It seems i can only get one entry per month up, but since there is not that much request for reading it doesnt matter that much i think ;).
Anyways - i was pretty busy at work in the last weeks so i had to calm down with SS2 and Red Cell. I think (hope) this has been changed now, and with the winter coming there might be a rise in activity.

On the bright side it seems SS2 is attracting more people lately, online numbers ranging from 200-300 are pretty normal right now. This has been less before...

On the not so bright side relating Red Cell we had to kick one of our oldest members, Kellyn, with over 5 million fXP :( Sad to see her go, but RL takes precedence...

Back to the better things:

Top Factions: #8 !
Artifact Req.: #7 with 253 AR
Top Players:
#  20 Drgnmastr
#  49 Allrogh
#108 Nestor
#134 fred123qwe
#195 Darksky
#234 bbullets03
Rising Stars:
#  27 grantslego
#  37 kade5933
#  41 Darthgus
#102 Maverick34
#159 fred123qwe
#174 anders59
#229 Pedigoje

And additionally we had a good bunch of high level players joining Red Cell. Most of them came from a merge with the still active part of Mechanical Miracles, others came alone. All of them prooved to be great additions :)

All in all i have to pat us all on the backs for the good work we are doing here in Red Cell. I still like it  like the first day :)

Have a nice day,

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