Medals -by NaomiAzzet- - RED CELL - a faction of Sigma Storm 2

Yesterday I could hand out a lot of medals to Red Cell. We can be proud to have so many active players in our faction. A lot of members passed the line of 50.000 XP and got themselves a Bronze Medal of Excellence. For them a new challenge can be found in getting the Silver Medal. Or maybe they like another, like the shiny medal of Contribution.
Nobody has yet achieved a Medal of Teamplayer, for joining 50 squads. I'm curious who'll be the first, and when it can be handed out. My guess it's not next week, but the week after
Also I was very happy that this time I cannot only give, but also receive a medal myself.

All of you: Congratulations!

Biotom: a Bronze Medal of Victory!
DrgnMastr: a Silver Medal of Skillcaster!
fred123qwe: a Bronze Medal of Contribution and a Bronze Medal of Sponsoring!
Kearon: a Silver Medal of Excellence!
MrDorian: a Silver Medal of Excellence!
NaomiAzzet: a Bronze Medal of Excellence!
Nitron: a Bronze Medal of Excellence and a Bronze Medal of Contribution!
Piurivar: a Bronze Medal of Excellence!
poisongirl: a Bronze Medal of Excellence!
ShuShu: a Bronze Medal of Excellence!
th3crims: a Bronze Medal of Victory!

As for the trophies, DrgnMastr added another 10 levels to his name, which is only 2/3 of last weeks, so we are disappointed. It's the most of any in the faction, so he can keep the Trophy of Evolution another week.
Astonishingly (for me, at least) is that I get the Trophy of Victory for gaining most in PvP. I don't even like PvP, but I found that when you meet someone in a PvP-zone it works better to attack them first. That way you win.
Maybe this is a tip for Kearon as he's the one that lost most in PvP this week.

Trophy of Evolution - DrgnMastr! (+10 levels)
Trophy of Victory - NaomiAzzet! (+41)
Trophy of Consolation - Kearon! (-32)

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