Hi all readers,
this is just a life sign. Unfortunately i had not enough time to put something up worth reading here. Has happened something significant in SS2? In no special order:

* Thievery Board (LOL)
* multiple server crashes
* multiple skill resets by HCS (fixing a fix which should fix a bug...)
* tweaked elite set stats (slightly on elite, major on HK, YAY!)
* tweaked MS skill for purists
* major tweak for soldier skills (YAY, now they have some really good skills. Im tempted to rate Soldiers higher than cyborgs now...)
* some more i cant remember...

Hmmm, maybe i should continue to write without a plan. It seems more than one event worth of note has come up, LOL. On a side note: Red Cells merger with The Hitchhikers Guide failed, due to increased interest of HG players in the faction. Good for them (well, probably).


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