Its PromoDays again! - RED CELL - a faction of Sigma Storm 2

So, there...
We are going back to the promotion day procedure for accepting new members. The system which is currently in place was fine until the introcution of DP, RES and especially Intensifier stims. Reaching the old limits of 5k fXP and 10k fXP has become much much easier nowadays, so that the time was not enough to judge on new members. Additionally Red Cell is attracting more and more high level players, which can be attributed to our faction rank (12th at the moment) and the general rise in player levels.
All other system based on fXP are too inflexible and a hassle to maintain, at least if you want to judge on new members on a individual basis.

So therefore we have decided to reintroduce the promotion days!

How it works:
If you are a Initiate for at least 5 days before the weekend (saturday) the agents will vote on your further rank. You can be accepted as a regular member, or the decision can be postponed to the next weekend. Or the decision can be to kick you ;). You will only get one second chance.

So what happens if you join on monday? The decision will be made on saturday, as described above. And joining on thursday? Sorry, you have to be a member for at least 5 days, so your promotion day will be in the next week.

As we see that being in a faction without the right to recall is hard, and all our gear is tagged we will also grant the initiates the right to recall gear from day one. This should enable you to get a feel for RC with all its benefits (hey, in fact you only pay 5% tax instead of the regular 10% ;), and at the same time grant us enough time to get to know you.

For the current initiates: nothing will change for you, your decision will be made through the old system, as that was the knowledge when you first joined.


7/26/2009 12:29:20 am


I liked the promo days, it gives everyone something to look forward to.


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