Faction medals and Trophies - RED CELL - a faction of Sigma Storm 2

Yes, once more we implemented a new feature to our faction Red Cell. Medals and Trophies. As you can see on the Members page  Naomi holds the job of "Award Management", and she did and does an excellent job on this.
The first medals and trophies implemented are as follows:

Long time medals:
Medal of Excellence - XP contributed
Medal of Victory - PvP Rating
Medal of Contribution - Credits contributed
Medal of Sponsoring - FC contributed
Medal of Skillcaster - Skills cast
Medal of Teamplayer - Squads joined

Weekly Trophies:
Trophy of Evolution
Trophy of Victory
Trophy of Consolation

Graphical representations for these awards are coming shortly, and will be presented here on this webpage :)

So for the future i not only have to update the the members page for the ranks, but also the medals and trophies - a job im fine with :)

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