A new Era - a new ranking system! - RED CELL - a faction of Sigma Storm 2

Hi all fellow readers (hellllooooo? are there any???),

Red Cell has a new ranking system! The former system prooved to be not suitable for this type of game. And (and this is something i did wrong) the promotion to Agent was done on wrong base lately. Initially it was thought to only have active Agents who acively pursuit bringing RC forward.
Lately this promotion was taken for granted when hitting the minimum requirements - and was also done (see, this was the part i did wrong).

To overcome this we implemented a new ranking system with basically two levels of play:

1) The Command ranks
These ranks are for the members who want to actively participate in the faction. Agents, Sentinels and all the other stuff ;)

2) The Regular ranks
This is the former "Members" level of Red Cell. It is now divided into different ranks by fXP. Its meant for the players who like to play and level, but dont have the time or interest to participate in the faction at an intensity expected from the Command Ranks. It is STILL important to show presence, but at this level we dont expect participation in the forums.
While we changed the system to fXP, it is still true that RC only accepts players who deem suitable for RC (system of trust), but see below:

3) Initiates
Initiates will basically stay as they were before. Every new player apllying for membership at RC will be put in as an initiate. Then you have the chance to get voted in by the Command Ranks, or you will be rejected if we think you dont fit into our nice, cozy faction ;). This process has also been changed slightly to reflect the new system.

4) Special Ranks
...and there are the special ranks. Like before On Probation, On Leave and Covert Operation.

Thats it! I hope everybody likes this new system. We think it now provides places for every kind of playstyle for our members.

Let me know what you think,

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